Developer Stories

February 20, 2022
☕ 5 min read

The Dark Side of Working in the Software Industry

Over the past decade, it has been evident that a software engineer has become one of the highly important and in-demand jobs there are. As…

April 19, 2021
☕ 3 min read

How I Sort My Life With Sorted3

disclaimer: this is not a sponsored blog. Since I have started using digital todo applications, I was always looking for applications that…

March 31, 2021
☕ 3 min read

Why You Should Be A Serial Achiever?

Imagine being a doctor and a YouTuber and a marathon runner and a writer and whatever else you want, sounds good? Or is this person…

December 23, 2020
☕ 3 min read

Five Tips I Use To Boost My Productivity

I have been working from home since April 2019, and maintaining productive working hours can be difficult for remote workers especially at…

December 19, 2020
☕ 5 min read

My 2020 In Review

This year was special for me but, still the most blessing thing that happened to me this year is that My family and I survived through this…

July 04, 2020
☕ 5 min read

Environment Variables in Kubernetes with configMaps and secrets

Inside a Kubernetes cluster in some cases you will need to manage environment variables across the cluster to define an external state of a…

June 11, 2020
☕ 1 min read

My leetcode solutions in javascript

problem on leet code solution tags 110. Balanced Binary Tree solution easy, bfs, trees 102. Binary Tree Level Order Traversal solution…

April 16, 2020
☕ 12 min read

Building Scalable Systems

This blog some shattered notes maybe we should consider while studying about how to build scalable distributed system before we dive into…

November 03, 2019
☕ 4 min read

SQL VS NOSQL In Nutshell

Both of them differ in the way they were build, the kind of information they store, and the storage method they use. Relational databases…

April 06, 2019
☕ 4 min read

Software Components

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash Components are the units of deployment, they are the smallest entity that can be deployed as part of the…

March 20, 2019
☕ 7 min read

Testing Microservices

A microservice architecture involves many moving parts with different guarantees and failure modes, testing these systems is more…

December 31, 2018
☕ 1 min read

Hello World!

This is my first post on my new blog! How exciting! One of my new year (2019) challenges is to write weekly blog posts about different…

August 01, 2018
☕ 3 min read

Notes on building microservices!

The idea of separating application into a smaller parts is nothing new, there are other programming paradigms which address this same…

April 11, 2018
☕ 2 min read

Some history about Functional programming - λ calculus!

Some history about Functional programming - λ calculus Functional Programming (FP) is not a new concept and it has some history that it…

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