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Why You Should Be A Serial Achiever?

March 31, 2021 , ☕️ 3 min read

Imagine being a doctor and a YouTuber and a marathon runner and a writer and whatever else you want, sounds good? Or is this person definitely not successful at any of these things?! Actually there’s a lot of examples for people who are doing many things at the same time and they are still pretty successful in all of these fields. This is one of the key ideas in Motivation Myth by Jeff Haden that I really liked and totally convinced with here’s why?

As A Person, I have A Lot Of Interests

Yes, I have been coding for almost 6 years (professionally) but, I also like to do some other things beside my full-time job. I don’t think people should do one thing only for their entire life and then call it specialization, or passion for one specific field. Have you tried every other field rather than your passion and still your passion AKA your main interest is the only thing that brings you joy while you are working on it?! I doubt it. You can work on multiple interests at the same time, or you can take them one by one. You can get pretty good like world-class at anything at almost five to seven years, So maybe you are a doctor for more than seven years, you can start learning coding while you are doing medicine and maybe you can get yourself a software developer job and leave medicine for a while, why not?!

Because Why Not?!

Why not to have more And in your bio?!, Doctor and developer and whatever. As Jeff mentioned in his book if you add one more and to your profession that will help you to create a buffer against market conditions and the loss of your job, you have more than one money source and sure it’s a good thing to have, For example, a side hustle like a YouTube channel with good content can make you a fortune, If you add this extra and to your personal life you will add more fun to your life.

Different Achievements, Different Perspectives

There are too many skills we can learn, and these skills can be connected to each other and maybe you can come up with something innovative in one of those fields because you get the inspiration from another field you have worked in. Accumulating these experiences and achievements together can lead to a very different kind of success. Jeff uses Venus Williams’ Example, alongside being a tennis legend she also a very successful entrepreneur with her sportswear business, she had to take extra degrees to improve his skills to become a successful entrepreneur.

I myself want to become a developer, marathon runner, writer, and maybe I can write a book one day.

At the end I really hope all this helped me to convince you even for a little that as a human we are not meant to be very deeply specialised in one narrow specific field, And we should work and become serial achievers in different fields.

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